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BULGE CUP - The Swimmer

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The SwimmerTM We are proud to offer this style of our Bulge CupTM to the site in 2014, although it has been available at our sister website for over as year. this exciting NEW design uses the top portion of our famous The Swim CupTM and added a generous portion to the cup! IT SHOWS UNDER CLOTHES! At least it does for me. I love wearing this NEW design more than any of the others! There is just something about it ... IT HAS TO BE ITS FANTASTIC LOOK! Made of clear/translucent and flexible EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) the same material quality dental mouthguards are made of, you are sure to look your very masculine best at the beach, body building or in water sports competition. just slip the cup in your briefs or whatever and you are looking GREAT! It's that simple to have an "impressive" looking bulge! The SwimmerTM  is made in the USA.

The SwimmerTM is LARGE style Bulge CupTM, but not large enough to look fake in any way - remember, it's "Anatomically Correct" without making you look like a freak!

The first two photos show the actual The Swimmer TM and the other two photos show how the cup would look worn in briefs, bikinis or white Speedos.

This item is NEW and in unopened package. Due to the "personal" nature of this product, it can NOT be returned or exchanged.

Note: Slight variations in color and translucency that you may find in The SwimmerTM are a natural occurrence in the manufacturing process and are not defects or discrepancies in the product.

This style Bulge CupTM /The SwimmerTM is not designed, nor constructed for protection in athletic events, activities or competitions. It is to be strictly worn to project self-assurance and esteem.