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BULGE CUP Jock - (Men's Size 31-36)  

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THE BULGE CUP® Jock is made especially for guys who wear boxer-briefs or boxer-type swim suits and need a bit more confidence in wearing THE BULGE CUP underneath. The CUP JOCK® is exactly what you want and it gives you that seamless crotch look! NO UNSIGHTLY BULGES! The only thing that shows is THE BULGE CUP®! This CUP JOCK® "g-string" is a sexy stretchy and comfy addition to your underwear/Speedo®.

The CUP JOCK® is stretchy, light weight, sheer and definately sexy! That's because the CUP JOCK® is made from a women's (new) black stocking! Whoa! Satin spandex elastic!