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The TEAM Cup

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The TEAM Cup® is specifically made for members of high school and college swim team members. When worn under a Speedo®, its look is more natural. What onlookers would expect from a hung swimmer. Although The TEAM Cup® is similar to Bulge Cup 2®, The TEAM Cup®'s penis is not as pronounced (it doesn't "bulge" out) as the Bulge Cup 2®

The full description of The TEAM Cup™ was used on the Home page to give an overview of  ALL the BULGE CUP™ styles. Specifically, all of the BULGE CUPS™ are -

         Anatomically Correct     |     Made of 100% EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) Dental 

                 Grade     |     Flexable     |     Hand Washable     |     Comfortable to Wear