Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, are my purchases shared with anyone who wants to see what I have bought? No! Absolutely not! No one will ever know what you have purchased from our site.

How are Swim Cups / Bulge Cups shipped? Orders placed within the USA are shipped FREE  of shipping charges via USPS First Class Mail. International orders are shipped at a flat S/H rate of $14.00 via USPS First Class International Mail and according to the USPS, can take from 4 - 6 weeks or longer for delivery.

Who would want or wear a Bulge Cup™? The men/women who would wear a Bulge Cup™ would be individuals who want to look their very best on the beach, pool, gym, modeling or swim competitions. Many professional male models have bought The Swim Cup™.

How many different Bulge Cups™ are available? There are 5 Bulge Cups® that are currently available from The Bulge Cup.com store; The Swim Cup™, Swim Cup 2™, Swim Cup Jr™, The Ball Cup™ and our latest 2013 qddition, The Ball Cup 2™.

Are the Bulge Cups™ / Swim Cups™ returnable or refundable? No. Because they are a "personal' item, they are all non-returnable / non-refundable.

Where are the Bulge Cups™ made? All of the Bulge Cups™ are pressed in the USA.

Are the cups securely sealed, tagged and labeled? Yes. All of the cups come in a shrink-wrapped package with new tags and labels.  

Are there "copies" or "counterfit" Bulge Cups™ / Swim Cups™ on the market?   Yes. Recently a few customers of ours have tried to make copies of our designs and are selling them on the Internet. Non of their "copies" are quality products and do not meet the high professional manufacturing standards that our Original 1987 Anatomically Correct Swim Cup™ and our other Bulge Cup® styles have. Remember that WE are the very first to develope, manufacture AND market the Anatomically Correct Bulge Cup™ / Swim Cup™ on the Internet and originally in brick and morter retail stores in the US.

When was the Bulge Cup™ invented? The Bulge Cups® are actually called anatomically correct swim cups. That is what they were invented as, "swim cups". The term Bulge Cup® was given to them as a "generic"  description for our products when, after 24 years, they became available EXCLUSIVELY by us on the Internet in August, 2010.  The first Anatomically Correct Swim Cup™ was invented in 1987.

Who invented the Original Anatomically Correct Swim Cup™ back in 1987? Dave invented the original cup as a "joke" gift for one of his friends. His "joke" has, after 24 years, become a very fast growing and sought after product by male models and anyone who wants to project self-confidence and self-esteem. Men's clothing shops have bought our cups for their male mannequins! The reason is - it's Anatomically Correct, making it BELIEVABLE!.

Where were the first Bulge Cups™ / Swim Cups™ sold? Originally they were sold in "specialty" stores and shops in PA, NJ and FL. They were sold in 4 1/2" square blue boxes

What are the Bulge Cups™ / Anatomically Correct Swim Cups™ made of? All of the cups are made of dental grade EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate). Quality mouthguards are made of the same material.

Are Bulge Cups™ / Swim Cups™ washable? Yes. They all can be hand washed using mild soap and cold or luke warm water. NOT IN A WASHING MACHINE! DO NOT DRY IN A CLOTHES DRYER! Hand dry or air dry.

Are the Bulge Cups™ / Swim Cups™ "One Size Fits All? Yes.

Can the Bulge Cup™ / Swim Cup™ be worn under street clothes? We do not recommend that they be worn under street clothes. The only reason that we say this is that they are made of a material which is affected by heat. They MAY become "deformed" from body heat if worn under street clothes for any length of time. Remember that they are made for under swim wear. That being said, there are many, many customers who wear theirs every day under street clothes, without any problems.

Do the Bulge Cups™ / Swim Cups™ "show" under jeans? Again, there are many customers who say they wear theirs under tight jeans and khakis and say that that it makes a BIG difference in their appearance. We can not gaurantee the same appearance as these customers.

How long is the "shaft" on The Swim Cup™? That information can be found on the product pages. It shows the approximate size of the varius features of that particular cup.

If the Bulge Cup™ / Swim Cup™ becomes "deformed" from whatever reason, can it get back to its original shape? No. Once it is "deformed" there is no way that we know of to restore its original shape. If you know of one, let us know. 

If you have a question that was not answered here, email us at TheBulgeCup@Yahoo.com. In the SUBJECT line type in "Question".

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