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The Bulge Cup Story




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FYI...The Bulge Cup (the Internet's #1 seller) line of men's wearable enhancement  products!

The Swim Cup™ (the actual product name) / Bulge Cup™ is the first and only Anatomically Correct Men's Swim Cup™ on the market. THE BULGE CUP™ aka The Swim Cup™ original "impression" was taken from a well endowed male model in 1987! THE BULGE CUP™ / The Swim Cup™ was being sold in swim/specialty shops along the East coast for just a short time. After 24 years of being lost, the original BULGE CUP™ / The Swim Cup™ pour was found in a box stored away in a garage and is now back in production.

BULGE CUP™ / The Swim Cup™ is made of clear/translucent and flexible high quality dental EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) material. It's the same medically approved material that dental mouthguards are made from.

With BULGE CUP™ / The Swim Cup™ or any of the other same quality BULGE CUP™ which we carry:

 you are sure to look your very masculine best at the beach, body-building or in water sports competitions. Many customers wear their BULGE CUP™ under their jeans and khakis on a daily basis with only slight deformity to BULGE CUP™ because of body heat - the reason that here at THE BULGE CUP™ / The Swim Cup™ it's not  recommended. 

  • BULGE CUP™ / The Swim Cup™ (original)
  • BULGE CUP™ / Swim Cup 2™
  • BULGE CUP™ / Swim Cup Jr.™
  • BULGE CUP™ / The Ball Cup™
  • BULGE CUP™ / The Ball Cup 2™
  • BULGE CUP™ /  The Ball Cup 3™
  • BULGE CUP™ /  The Swimmer™
  • BULGE CUP™ /  Team Cup™
  • BULGE CUP™ /  The Senior™
  • BULGE CUP™ /  Mr. Fathead™

Just slip any one of our BULGE CUP™'S in your swim briefs, bikinis or thong and you're looking GREAT! It's THAT simple to have an "impressive" looking bulge! And depending on how you position the BULGE CUP™ / The Swim Cup™ in your swim suit will determine the "look" of your bulge!

All of the BULGE CUP™ styles are NEW with tags and in unopened packages. Due to the "personal" nature of these products, it can NOT be returned or exchanged!

NOTE: Slight variations in the BULGE CUP™'S color and translucency that you may find in your BULGE CUP™, The Swim Cup™ are a natural occurrence in the manufacturing process and are not defects or discrepancies in the product!

DISCLAIMER: BULGE CUP™'S are not designed, nor constructed for protection in athletic events, activities or competitions. They are all designed to be worn as an "appearance enhancement" product under brief swim suits, bikini and thong style swim suits at the beach or swimming pool and are NOT recommended for long term wear under street clothes because of the possibility of product deformity. The underwear photos on the THE BULGE CUP™ website are meant for illustration purposes only of the appearance enhancement effects possible with the BULGE CUP™.

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